Monday, December 9, 2013

Non-differentiation of Data streams

All is well, regardless and it is only in caring for oneself by relaxation do we experience ease with everything no matter what it is, and it is open intelligence.

The other day for example, I was so cold because the temperature here in Montana is next to unbearable. Simultaneous, I was in a circumstance outdoors where I needed to speak to a new group of people I had never met and share in 2 minutes about Balanced View… my heart began pounding momentarily waiting for my turn, my knees were cold and shaking, I was shivering everywhere because I was so cold and then due to extracting the power , trusting in open intelligence, allowing all data to be as it was, it was amazing to feel the non-differentiation between the heart pounding, knees knocking, and chilly sensations, it was all the same because a label was not applied or a meaning applied—equal and even dynamic energy, inseparable from OI! I share this with you because it is lighthearted and funny! Who you are is always unwavering regardless of the appearance always and although there are a variety of sensations, they do not have the power to inform or guide speech or actions. Wisdom speech, actions, discernment, clarity and power shine forth in, of, as and through all experience, regardless of what is going on.

Friday, September 13, 2013

I have not blogged for awhile, and it appears there are still many viewers each day, this is so good. Please take advantage of the vast offerings and support of Balanced View found at

The energy of open intelligence is everything and everyone, you only know this when you realize nothing is wrong and never was with yourself and do we do this? We do it together, with a support system that is beyond intellectual understanding...the Four Mainstays Lifestyle. Learn more here:

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Gentleness is an act of kindness to oneself and thus and act of kindness to others.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Immediate moment of rest

"A flash instant with another person"— in the immediate moment of rest there is only inseparability, recognized or not, like the breeze and the air, you are open intelligence as is the other person, so you only see yourself in the other person as OI, you understand them deeply, this is the deep connection of natures intelligence,  instinctive recognition. Just rest, this is all that is needed and we understand this through our own familiarization with the Basic State.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Breeze and air

There is an easier form of connection and inclusion that does not require guilt, effort, trying or arranging people, places or things. It's our natural connection with everything, inseparable, like the breeze and air. How do we experience this? By getting acquainted with it, relaxing, one moment at a time.

All answers

The answers you are searching for are found only in your own experience through the power to know. When you relax the mind, and all thoughts, feelings and emotions, allowing them to be as they are without applying labels or dictionary definitions, you discover the alignment of reality immediately. Immediate benefit is in one short moment of rest equalling wisdom responsiveness. Many short moments of rest result in the familiarization with the continuity of this seamless reality ever present and always on, unconditional love, safe and secure, the true nature of your very self—open intelligence. You don't have to call it anything, it has no location.

Friday, April 26, 2013

The choice to rest deeply and simultaneously, in, of as and through, coupled with the self release of the here and now, without notice. Rely on the power to know. Great ease pervades all like space and air, the sun and its rays, warming all, inseparable. Taking responsibility, one by one, we each have a choice. The greatest empowerment and solution is in the recognition of data having truth value—insubstantiality. The settledness and ease with knowing who you are and knowing that all needs are met in the great security of inherent love unleashes the power and focus of great intelligence and innovation, no more wasted energy spent on self-referencing.