Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Open and allowing

The collapsing of point of view can happen so fast that we do not realize that we are placing immediate limitations on our full capacities and the full capacities of others. This only occurs because of repeating these belief systems, concepts, and ideas over and over throughout our entire lives.

By being completely open and allowing all points of view to be as they are, there is a wide open view that has never been constrained or limited by any idea or thought. By taking a short moment of clarity and repeating it many times, we immediately open up to all possibilities and tap into the limitless capacity to achieve anything we want to do in life.


Whatever we choose to repeat is what we realize in each moment. If we choose to indulge negativity, pessimism, stress, anxiety, aggression, pain, joy, happiness, silliness, bliss, nihilism, emptiness, indifference, etc. –this is what is true for us. However, if we make a commitment to a short moment of clarity throughout our day, we will find that our stability and well-being is apparent regardless of whether we are experiencing any of these points of view. Gaining confidence in this inherent stability within each of us is crucial. Instinctively recognizing the well-being that has never changed no matter what is going on in our lives is key to immediate relief for ourselves and immediately impacts those around us in a beneficial way. We begin to respond from this well-being and openness rather than responding or reacting from the points of view.

Monday, September 28, 2009

True well-being

It is so wonderful to allow oneself the gift to simply relax. No one else is going to do that for us. In my own life, there used to be a tendency to get caught up in worrying about every little detail of how things should turn out, or should be, or what was going to happen next. By focusing in on these stories, the snowball effect of the story grew and grew. This focus created sheer stress, worry and concern that seemed of great importance and caused perpetual ups and downs of happiness and unhappiness in my life.

What a change it is not to get caught up in the stories any longer. By taking a short moment of clarity and repeating it many times, confidence and reliance on the stability of clarity is forefront. By allowing the natural rest of clarity, there is innate wisdom and complete relief in no longer being pulled in any direction by the stories and different points of view. We never know what we will face in life. To be able to rely on our innate stability no matter what is "coming down," benefits us first and then benefits everyone around us. This is true well-being.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Responding rather than reacting

Many times in my own direct experience of life I would react in different circumstances either quietly and internally or outwardly in a manner that did not serve anyone, including myself. There was always wanting to make the circumstance better or to hide from different circumstances that I did not prefer.

In taking short moments of clarity many times throughout the day, a gaining of familiarity with the natural presence of awareness grew and grew. With the pointing out that this was actually the nature of who I am and who everyone else was, there was a profound recognition that all of the ideas, thoughts, emotions (points of view), that everyone experiences, were completely insubstantial, empty and not solid or real. From that moment on, a full wellness of total love, ease, calm, and an immense movement to help others was present. No longer was their reactivity based on points of view, but a natural responsiveness in circumstances, and a clear seeing of exactly knowing what to do and how to act.

Getting used to living in this way has been incredible. To rely on the stability of awareness, rather than the flow of different thoughts, feelings and emotions, brings about a wisdom that is completely inherent to all of us. The brilliance of awareness continues to exude marvelous stability that repeatedly outshines all points of view without having to do anything. I am finally comfortable in my own skin.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

We are not our points of view

You might think what I'm writing is a point of view, and you're right! However, in order to have points of view, we must be aware. Every single human being is aware. There is not anyone, anywhere who can say that they are not aware. By simply testing out the simple instruction of relaxing, or resting, for short moments throughout our day, we gain familiarity with an inherent stability that is within each and every one of us, the Basic State of Awareness.

This stability has always been with us since we were born and has never changed throughout our lifetime. This stability, this is what to rely on! The stability of the Basic State of Awareness, self knowing awareness, is our true identity. This Awareness is not an individual Awareness, but one Awareness that is inclusive of all human beings throughout the world.

We are not our points of view, based on an accumulation of thoughts, emotions, and life experiences. With one instant of resting as Awareness, we tap into our inherent wisdom and respond from that wisdom with a clear vantage, clear speech, and the total clarity of who we truly are. We respond from the stability of Awareness, and recognize that all points of view are included and contained within the all-encompassing view of the Basic State of Awareness. Nothing is left out and there is no split. We recognize that no point of view exists independent of Awareness, that there only is Awareness and its self arising display of points of view, or dynamic energy.

When we rest, it feels so good, it feels completely relieving. As we gain confidence in the complete stability of Awareness as our true nature, simultaneously we have a movement to be of service to others without question or contrivance.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our full potential

It does not matter what our points of view are. To continually rely on the stability and clarity of awareness, we are naturally empowered to accomplish and do anything that we would like to in our lives. It simply does not matter what we are thinking –the thought patterns, experiences, sensations and emotions, are simply out of habit and are all okay. It is only by believing in the repetition of these habit patterns as being solid and real, that we have limited our full potential. When we rely on the stability of the inherent wisdom of awareness, we are able to make powerful choices that not only benefit ourselves, but immediately benefit our surrounding circumstances.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Supporting others

What a wonderful gift it is not to make people wrong any longer. To rely on the stability of awareness, everyone is equally embraced as our very selves. With the recognition of the Basic State of Awareness as our true identity, we are able to see what is going on in any given situation and act and speak in an extremely wise, and beautifully compassionate manner. We become very clear as to what is needed, but in such a skillful way that is inclusive and nurturing to others so as to support them in their own empowerment. In each short moment of restful awareness, no longer are we driven by the need to correct or control all of the many people in our lives.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our birthright

The only way to truly come to an understanding of one's own true nature, is to allow oneself to rest for short moments repeated many times when we remember to do so. Understanding this from an intellectual perspective is wonderful, but unless we have the instinctive recognition of the pervasive fullness and stability of the soothing energy of awareness, as our true identity, we will be missing the gift of what it means to be human.

It is important to be extremely gentle with ourselves as we gain familiarity with the Basic State of Awareness. Just as it took time for us to condition ourselves into believing our points of view, it will take time for us to gain confidence in the stability of awareness that is inherent to us all–our birthright.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

No work

With the instinctive recognition of our true identity as the Basic State of Awareness, all work becomes completely effortless. No longer is it a big deal, to go the extra mile as to what is needed in any daily activities or any projects in life whether it be work, or family. With the wide-open view of awareness, everything that is needed is taken care of so easily and effortlessly. No longer are there the thoughts of it being "hard work" in order to do a complete and thorough job with all of our many tasks. Everything is attended to as if every single task in life were our very own to complete without effort and with extreme, tender care. With the instinctive recognition of our true nature, we benefit and serve without deliberation. This caring can never be contrived and is only naturally recognized by repeating short moments of rest whenever we remember to do so. Natural rest becomes automatic without contrivance.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nothing to defend

The plague of point of view can take us out in an instant if we buy into points of view as being solid and real. With the instinctive recognition of the basic state of awareness as our identity, there is nothing to guard or defend. There is no need to try to understand this intellectually or from anything that we've learned. Only by gaining familiarity with the natural inherent basis of awareness can we embrace the unflinching stability and pervasiveness of the soothing energy of awareness. We do this by taking a short moment of rest and repeating it many times throughout our day, until it becomes automatic. The natural movement of awareness is wide open acceptance, loving kindness, willingness, and benefit that supersedes all points of view.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Just as you are

Tender and compassionate gentleness. Allowing oneself the precious opportunity to gain familiarity with this, just as it is. Just as you are. Wide open relaxed well-being, like a person who has given up all plans..... 'let go within supreme freedom and rest in complete evenness.'

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The benefits I have received from realizing all points of view are empty and insubstantial – AND all points of view (including "I" and "you") are the natural presence of the Basic State of Awareness:

• Immediate and ongoing unconditional pervasive love
• Natural presence
• Effortless patience
• Complete ease in relationships
• All points of view experienced as equal
• Clarity
• Effortless kindness and caring
• A movement towards being of service in every situation without thinking about it
• Wise speech and actions
• Powers of great benefit
• Endless humility and compassion

Daily practicalities of benefit:
• Parenting is tremendously easier
• Work life is no longer hard work
• Family issues completely resolved
• Ongoing clarity with health, money, food, and relationships
• More energy throughout the day
• A movement to serve in all activities
• Natural clarity and wisdom
• An enjoyable life