Monday, August 31, 2009

Perfectly well

By allowing everything to be as it is, without trying fix any of our perceptions, we notice that all points of view are self-sufficient and are self-releasing. In other words, we do not need to get in there to try to manipulate and change our points of view in order to feel better. Our well-being is already always ensured. Perceptions are like ripples on water, diminishing in and of themselves. -- It is then that we respond from our greater wisdom and operate out of total benefit, first for ourselves and then to others.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The basis of all points of view

Focusing in on what is going wrong or what is going well, or constantly describing by saying "this" is the way it is, or this is the way "that" is, is based on our own ideas of what we have learned to be real for us over time. It is simply out of habit and by repeating these ideas, concepts and belief systems that we have trained ourselves to believe all of our points of view. If we simply relax for a short moment, we instantly tap into the basis of all points of view, the natural presence of awareness. Awareness itself has never been involved in any point of view. Awareness is the basis from which all points of view arise.

We have a choice as to how we use our awareness. We can continue to perpetuate our points of view, and allow all of these to guide our actions, or we can rest as the basis of all appearances, naturally responding from the wisdom of awareness that is completely stable at all times. The benefit is immediate to ourselves and then to others. We simply feel so much better, and life is no longer hard work.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Test it out!

Recognizing the Natural Presence of who we truly are is not some "weird" or "out there" position or idea. In fact, it is so entirely simple and is available to those who are interested. By testing out a short moment of rest, we instantly are tapping into our true nature and inherent wisdom. By committing to short moments of rest throughout the day, (or whenever we remember to do so), we give ourselves the opportunity to gain familiarity with a stability inherent to our true identity. This identity is not based on ideas, concepts, or life experiences. It is the primordial presence of the Basic State....that which has never changed throughout our entire lives and that which makes all ideas, concepts and life experiences possible. We come to understand in our own experience that there is no separation between these points of view and the Basic State. This equals solid well-being, natural service and benefit to others effortlessly possible throughout our lifetime.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

True Identity

Who we are is not an accumulation of life experiences, thoughts, feelings, emotions, labels or descriptions, accomplishments and achievements. Who we are is not based on an accumulation of how many years we have lived and how much knowledge we have attained. By gaining familiarity with the fundamental condition of our natural state, we are introducing our self to our true identity which has always been present, the fundamental stability that is pervasively at ease no matter what is going on and is beyond anything that can be described.

With the commitment to resting naturally for short moments repeated many times, without labeling everything within descriptive frameworks (past, present, future), we allow a natural unfolding that is so entirely gentle and revealing. The spontaneous instinctive recognition of this fundamental soothing energy of the Basic State as who we truly are, simultaneously reveals that all thoughts, emotions, ideas, sensations, and knowledge are empty of their own being. All viewpoints are realized to be insubstantial and inseparable from the ground of being! What a relief!

With this natural recognition, we tap into supreme wisdom and beneficial activities that are effortless and not contrived. No longer is life hard work, nor are relationships hard work. We see everyone as our very selves. We can face anything and everything with natural confidence and fearlessness. Test it out in your own experience! There is nothing to achieve, as the natural presence of awareness is simply the gift of being human, and is always here whether we are recognizing it or not.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Decision making: Clarity and Inherent Knowing

Decision making is much easier without the battering around of points of view. With natural rest and reliance on the Basic State, many avenues, choices and possibilities open up. We have this inherent understanding and knowing that is of greater intelligence. This intelligence is never caught up in itself and is totally stable no matter what is occurring. All thinking, considerations, emotions and sensations are not separate from the Basic State, everything is included. By the power of reliance on short moments of rest, repeatedly, we gain a full understanding of this inseparability in our own experience. When faced with decisions we are able to thoroughly see what will be involved and what will come with these decisions. We can ask ourselves, what will be of benefit to me, and what will be of most benefit to the most people. The relief lies in rest which is wide open Clarity, vast like the sky!