Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Test it out!

Recognizing the Natural Presence of who we truly are is not some "weird" or "out there" position or idea. In fact, it is so entirely simple and is available to those who are interested. By testing out a short moment of rest, we instantly are tapping into our true nature and inherent wisdom. By committing to short moments of rest throughout the day, (or whenever we remember to do so), we give ourselves the opportunity to gain familiarity with a stability inherent to our true identity. This identity is not based on ideas, concepts, or life experiences. It is the primordial presence of the Basic State....that which has never changed throughout our entire lives and that which makes all ideas, concepts and life experiences possible. We come to understand in our own experience that there is no separation between these points of view and the Basic State. This equals solid well-being, natural service and benefit to others effortlessly possible throughout our lifetime.

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