Monday, August 17, 2009

Decision making: Clarity and Inherent Knowing

Decision making is much easier without the battering around of points of view. With natural rest and reliance on the Basic State, many avenues, choices and possibilities open up. We have this inherent understanding and knowing that is of greater intelligence. This intelligence is never caught up in itself and is totally stable no matter what is occurring. All thinking, considerations, emotions and sensations are not separate from the Basic State, everything is included. By the power of reliance on short moments of rest, repeatedly, we gain a full understanding of this inseparability in our own experience. When faced with decisions we are able to thoroughly see what will be involved and what will come with these decisions. We can ask ourselves, what will be of benefit to me, and what will be of most benefit to the most people. The relief lies in rest which is wide open Clarity, vast like the sky!

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