Friday, August 28, 2009

The basis of all points of view

Focusing in on what is going wrong or what is going well, or constantly describing by saying "this" is the way it is, or this is the way "that" is, is based on our own ideas of what we have learned to be real for us over time. It is simply out of habit and by repeating these ideas, concepts and belief systems that we have trained ourselves to believe all of our points of view. If we simply relax for a short moment, we instantly tap into the basis of all points of view, the natural presence of awareness. Awareness itself has never been involved in any point of view. Awareness is the basis from which all points of view arise.

We have a choice as to how we use our awareness. We can continue to perpetuate our points of view, and allow all of these to guide our actions, or we can rest as the basis of all appearances, naturally responding from the wisdom of awareness that is completely stable at all times. The benefit is immediate to ourselves and then to others. We simply feel so much better, and life is no longer hard work.

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