Thursday, September 10, 2009

No work

With the instinctive recognition of our true identity as the Basic State of Awareness, all work becomes completely effortless. No longer is it a big deal, to go the extra mile as to what is needed in any daily activities or any projects in life whether it be work, or family. With the wide-open view of awareness, everything that is needed is taken care of so easily and effortlessly. No longer are there the thoughts of it being "hard work" in order to do a complete and thorough job with all of our many tasks. Everything is attended to as if every single task in life were our very own to complete without effort and with extreme, tender care. With the instinctive recognition of our true nature, we benefit and serve without deliberation. This caring can never be contrived and is only naturally recognized by repeating short moments of rest whenever we remember to do so. Natural rest becomes automatic without contrivance.

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