Wednesday, September 2, 2009


The benefits I have received from realizing all points of view are empty and insubstantial – AND all points of view (including "I" and "you") are the natural presence of the Basic State of Awareness:

• Immediate and ongoing unconditional pervasive love
• Natural presence
• Effortless patience
• Complete ease in relationships
• All points of view experienced as equal
• Clarity
• Effortless kindness and caring
• A movement towards being of service in every situation without thinking about it
• Wise speech and actions
• Powers of great benefit
• Endless humility and compassion

Daily practicalities of benefit:
• Parenting is tremendously easier
• Work life is no longer hard work
• Family issues completely resolved
• Ongoing clarity with health, money, food, and relationships
• More energy throughout the day
• A movement to serve in all activities
• Natural clarity and wisdom
• An enjoyable life

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