Monday, December 9, 2013

Non-differentiation of Data streams

All is well, regardless and it is only in caring for oneself by relaxation do we experience ease with everything no matter what it is, and it is open intelligence.

The other day for example, I was so cold because the temperature here in Montana is next to unbearable. Simultaneous, I was in a circumstance outdoors where I needed to speak to a new group of people I had never met and share in 2 minutes about Balanced View… my heart began pounding momentarily waiting for my turn, my knees were cold and shaking, I was shivering everywhere because I was so cold and then due to extracting the power , trusting in open intelligence, allowing all data to be as it was, it was amazing to feel the non-differentiation between the heart pounding, knees knocking, and chilly sensations, it was all the same because a label was not applied or a meaning applied—equal and even dynamic energy, inseparable from OI! I share this with you because it is lighthearted and funny! Who you are is always unwavering regardless of the appearance always and although there are a variety of sensations, they do not have the power to inform or guide speech or actions. Wisdom speech, actions, discernment, clarity and power shine forth in, of, as and through all experience, regardless of what is going on.

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