Monday, November 19, 2012

A fearless life

Short moments of open intelligence repeated many times become continuous.  By taking a short moment, relaxing for just a moment, we open up to a grander wisdom and kindness—alert cognizance—open intelligence, the power to know. When we do not apply reified definitions to everything that appears within us or for others; ie: thoughts, feelings, emotions and sensations, and circumstances, we get familiar with the companionship of the complete peace and well-being as everyone, as everything, open intelligence. This recognition frees up the energy we once wasted in belief of point of view having a power outside of open intelligence. Our energy is available to be of benefit and to lead life without fear. Test it out for yourself, one moment at a time, let it all flow on by without the need to change, fix, or analyze everything! It's more natural to allow it all to be. Just like nature is naturally at rest, you are included in that. Wisdom, discernment and skillful means shine forth!

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