Monday, April 16, 2012


For the last several years I experienced many data streams around money that seemed quite annoying. Simultaneously, there was and is an unwavering stability of the power to know, I relied completely on open intelligence. Sometimes there was diving into those points of view and sometimes not, it does not matter, all is well. Naturally and organically in one's own time there is the burnout of all data streams, exhaustion and exaltation all at the same time. This is why it is important to relax, give oneself a break and rely on open intelligence, one short moment at a time. Clarity is always shining forth within all data streams. In the last year, even though these data streams were occurring, I knew what steps I needed to take exactly in regards to money.

Practically speaking, we live in a society currently where the money system is based on points of view. Innately, spontaneous altruism shines forth with generosity that is unstoppable, sharing, caring and giving.

With the recognition of open intelligence, all data streams are seen as free and clear of any independent origin making life easy, making action easy, making empowerment easy. We are free of any boundaries or hindrance as far as what we are capable of.

I can see that if I wanted to create a business, be employed, or have as much money as I wanted to be responsible for that I could do that so easily. It is an ordinary life coupled with complete freedom and ease to accomplish anything that we would like to do and be responsible for.

This year, all of my money data streams were outshone on their own without anything that I did. I can see very clearly now what is needed for my family, how I need to take care of myself best and this all happened with complete scarcity as far as finances. I experience complete abundance in all ways. Abundance is innate to you. It's important to move beyond all of our ideas of money, where it comes from, how to get it etc. All accomplished, wish fulfilling gems —it's in the recognition of complete love, the empty purity of all data streams. Ah ha!

Benefit is the only thing occurring with open intelligence. Everything is wide open, the unstoppable movement of benefit is always on.


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