Sunday, January 8, 2012

Unhindered Love

We can be contributed to and take into account all considerations responsibly. With a balanced view for our lives, we can make decisions that are wise by the power to know. Our life doesn't need to be hindered in any way by society's ideas about how something is supposed to look or be. It can look and be how ever you would like! Here is the treasure: Open intelligence perfect love is wide and continually vast with never a stopping point or boundary, it's a seamless display—the sovereign authority of love relating itself. The moment we take up a stance of something being wrong or not okay, we have closed down into a limited perspective. Fresh approaches, freedom in all relating with deep care and understanding—this is a natural balance for the benefit of all. By the power of knowing oneself intimately and instinctively, our energy is freed up to contribute in many different ways, personally and collectively for a very full life of love and flourishing.

When we get familiar with our innate identity, one short moment at a time, the settled ground of pervasive soothing energy is our go to above all else.

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