Monday, January 30, 2012


All of us want happiness, in fact, for most of us, every choice that we have been making in our lives has been a choice to ensure some kind of happiness or well-being. Where it's the best job, the perfect relationship, whether or not we have enough money, whether we are meeting the expectations of our loved ones, whether we are successful, the list is endless. If you stop thinking for just a moment, you introduce yourself to the presence of a well-being that has nothing to do with our ideas about achieving that happiness. For most of our lives our emphasis has been on all of these different thoughts, experiences as well as emotions, in order to figure out our way into feeling good all of the time.Rather than emphasizing all of these different things, (we will call these data streams), try emphasizing the alert cognizance that is there when you're not thinking. Pretty soon you'll notice that this alert cognizance is there whether you are thinking or not. By repeating these short moments of emphasizing this greater intelligence that is innate to you, the short moments become continuous and pervasive in your life. This is because it is already the case, you are just getting reacquainted with your native well-being.

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