Friday, November 11, 2011

Excerpt from Open Intelligence: Changing the Definition of Human Identity

In a lot of relationships we learn that it's normal to be up and down all the time and that relationships and our inner life are supposed to be up and down. Most of us accept that fate. “Well, I guess this is just the way it is.” However, upon introduction to open intelligence we find we have a solid core. In ballet a body core is developed, and in order for a ballerina to be fantastic there must be a solid core. Every single movement depends on the solid core, and the more solid the core the more powerful the performance.

The same is true with open intelligence. It is absolutely the core, and open intelligence comes about through the interaction with others in daily life. We're pack animals and would like to hang out together. Even if we go live in a cave, we still will be thinking about everybody. We're not going to be in there just thinking about ourselves; we're going to bring everybody else in there with us. Most of all we bring ourselves, because wherever we go, there we are, and we can't get away from that. We can never get away from her circumstantial data, whatever it is. Our circumstances have generated certain data, and we've labeled it in certain ways.

At some point we're introduced to open intelligence and we find that it is the core definition—it's the core definition and all labels. Then we don't have to be confused anymore. It's just open intelligence and data—completely inseparable, just like space is inseparable from air. There is no confusion any longer and nothing to worry about. In relationships, sex and all of these other issues, there's nothing to worry about. In open intelligence the answer will be revealed.

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