Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Open Intelligence Book Value letter

Dearest Candice,
The gracious eloquence of love itself shines through the pristine wisdom words of the love emanations in every syllable and phrase. The heart confirmation of life poetry exudes the native compassion and confirmation of what is so.

No one could ever take this away from one, as there is nothing to take, only to gain the human dignity that one is. To have such precious texts as these is to massage and shine the beautiful love that every single human being is. Aaaaah, what a world it is to come to know the original golden source of the great richness that one is.

This endless text of benefit extracts and elicits the poignant crucial rest that is already so. With such precision and devotion, the ringing sound of beneficial energy is tuned to love. Creative role players, the wisdom wand makers of love is that which is known at the juncture. Self released from the magnitude of believing in viewpoints. Like a damn coming down with the crushing power, force and release into relief, all is opened into the vast forever, freedom heart hug of complete love.

Bowing to the innate sovereignty is the cry of perfection and birthplace of unending compassion. How rich the repetition of human crystalline purity is in it's beneficial intent. The constant reminder of mirage like data being pure is the instinctive recognition of life's native even harmony itself. To guard even at the cost of death... The sovereign purity and basic space of love life free of past, present and future is the wide wing span, forever free with no trace of a path in the here and now, the presence and fundamental simplicity of everything as it is.... the coming home to what everyone and everything is, seamless.

The simplicity of this most basic education is profound. By the honoring of every moment, just as it is, the opportunity to take short moments of open intelligence is the great evidence of everything equally displayed, with no right or wrong, good or bad... This is all subsumed into the always on indestructible purity. It does not matter what the thought or experience is... as you are is the perfect naturally present primordial vibe of okayness, vast and pure.

Your ordinary body, your ordinary personal life, everything you have and are is due to total perfection, how wondrous are these words? The compassion of this fills the entire space of our being without limit or a stopping point. OI is the communal property of everyone! Wow! This pervasive well being, right here instinctively understood at the juncture of OI and data.
Asking only of OI in daily life is the only thing to do, all else is a waste of energy.

That by the power of owns one self illuminated identity the natural support of ultimate friendship to others is truly upheld as the compassionate beings that they are--so profound and naturally present. Just this one simple choice has it all.

Dear Candice, the rays of never ending warm benefit exude these texts with a solid home foundation of the most precious wisdom love. These songs of elicited rest smother any perceived fires of blackened beliefs and suffering. The smothering of love bliss. The bliss of knowing the true nature of all viewpoints, the timeless freedom of all beings and perceptions as one.

From my deepest heart of hearts, I love you.
In Service forever,

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