Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hello Freedom!

The greatest relief and permanent well-being starts right here. Just by your commitment in gaining familiarity with open intelligence is all that is needed. We have all been trained in particular data, ideas, experiences,—things that we think will bring us happiness. The ultimate kind of happiness is not similar to the conventional sense of happiness. It is a happiness of the greatest love companionship of open intelligence saturating your entire experience throughout all of life circumstance. Each here and now is self releasing. Get to know your innate identity without having to get rid of anything. Just relax and allow everything to be as it is without trying to change how you may feel. Just as the beautiful rainbow is inseparable from the space within which it appears, all data is the seemless open system, free of anything of a different kind. Hello Freedom! Hello real relating with love and compassion, free of past, present and future! Hello good life!

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