Thursday, June 9, 2011

Best Support

We are in a world of most people taking their points of view to be something based on a personal identity. Our best support is to keep the focus on ourselves and to totally rely on Open Intelligence and the Four Mainstays of Balanced View/Great Freedom. Just this simple action supports others in their native goodness for the benefit of all. We can count on complete wisdom and discernment in any circumstance with graciousness and clarity in each moment. Open Intelligence never looks any certain way, ferocious or calm. Open intelligence can never be disconnected and is always totally engaged because it is never involved in point of view or affected by it. We feel the total equal equanimity of everything completely, so we keep just showing up :O) This natural movement of love is without an agenda. This natural consistency and presence of who you are shines through all view points. This takes time for people to get adjusted to, and this is the gradual unfolding for most people. The continual outshining never ends.

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