Monday, April 25, 2011

Outshining of all points of view

We can know that we will always be facing many different circumstances including pain, stress, anger, happiness, sadness —there will be countless and ceaseless points of view our entire life. You can count on the continual outshining of all points of view in an ongoing manner forever, simply by taking one short moment at a time :-) It is in understanding your true identity and the true identity of countless others as the pervasive soothing energy of clarity and that you are free right here—freedom in immediate perception. This recognition does not change the feelings or the appearances whatsoever, you remain stable just like the crystal ball does not change no matter what is appearing within it. Clarity itself is the deep feeling and compassion of everyone simultaneously experiencing your same exact points of view throughout the world. We can feel very deeply into this by relaxing and relying on the stability of clarity no matter what.

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