Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beautiful open heart

It is important to be extremely gentle with yourself and recognize that doubt is merely just another point of view. The soothing energy that is filling every cell of your body is inherent to who you are and free of anything of a different kind. Also please know that every single human being will be bombarded with points of view for their entire life. It is within your own recognition to take responsibility for the belief that points of view have the power to affect your well-being as the new identity of clarity. Open intelligence is your beautiful open heart recognizing itself as the inseparability of all appearances, just as the breeze is not separate from the air, so too points of view are not separate from the space that they appear in. That being said, it is within every single experience in every single point of view that the natural state is saturating who you are whether you are recognizing it or not.

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