Monday, November 1, 2010

Up to you

We can describe all day long about "clarity" and what is meant by this.

It is up to you to, No.1 take responsibility for your points of view (thoughts, feelings, emotions, people, places, things, perceptions, outbursts). No.2 Take a short moment of clarity (or replace this word with awareness or peace or serenity etc.) interrupting your points of view with clarity, even those that seem so demanding, without pushing anything away, make this practice priority. No. 3 (here's where it's effortless ) Allow gaining familiarity with your identity, the fundamental basis to unfold naturally. Just like the muddy water becomes clear when we stop stirring it with a stick. No. 4 Instinctively understand the empty nature of all points of view, timelessly free and always on, right here.

P.S. These are in no order whatsoever.

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