Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Money points of view are free!

Money is just another point of view.

Rich abundance is only found in the recognition of the inseparability of all points of view. Complete fullness, complete stability, complete equanimity in the instinctive recognition of one's true identity right here.

When we look at our relationship with money, often times we think that it is the ruler over us. We may think that money is something that we need to get, save, keep, guard. We may believe that money is something separate from the basic state of awareness. However, with the commitment to short moments of rest, short moments of clarity, short moments of peace, we gain confidence in the true nature of who we are and the true nature of all points of view.

Just like we may have had points of view of resentment towards others, resentment towards ourselves, money is just another relationship that is no different than any other points of view, not bad, not good, not right, not wrong, but equal and even with no differentiation between awareness and all points of view. This is similar to the color blue not being separate from the sky itself.

With the instinctive recognition of clarity in one's own direct experience there is an immense amount of gratitude, compassion and complete love for all relationships as one's very self.

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