Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Deeply rooted

There is no one to be jealous, no one to be annoyed, no one to be angry, no one to desire, no one to be irritated, no one to be happy, no one to be sad, these are all merely points of view appearing as the dynamic energy of the vast expanse of the basic state. Referencing a self, an “I”, as a container for all of these thoughts, feelings, and experiences can be tormenting if taken to the real.

Through the instinctive recognition of one's true identity all points of view are recognized to be pure and empty like space. Everything is experienced equally, no bad, no good, but complete stability and total inclusivity rooted in natural love that is unconditional, deeply rooted in natural service, deeply rooted in caring beyond measure.

Gain confidence in your fundamental stability right here. Short moments of clarity, rest, peace, serenity, repeated many times until it becomes automatic.

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