Sunday, January 3, 2010

Two choices

In each moment we have two choices:

1. We can commit to our same old habits and stories and choose to support those through focusing on a particular set of viewpoints. These are comfortable because they are like well-worn shoes and we may not want to get rid of them because we are used to the way that they fit.

2. We can commit to changing old habits and focus on particular viewpoints by relaxing for a short moment of clarity and by allowing our points of view to be as they are without elaborating, indulging, or avoiding them. Suddenly, we have put on a new pair of shoes and experience immediate relief and benefit for ourselves. We see the impact that this choice makes to those around us as well.

Short moments of awareness, short moments of peace, short moments of rest, short moment of serenity, short moments of clarity. Whatever words you would like to use, relax as that which never changes and rely on this stability for your inherent goodness and wisdom in all speech and actions.

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