Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rest until there is no one resting

Referencing objects, people, places, things, as being responsible for the reasons why we feel angry, controlling, depressed, even happy, are all references to a past based on a story of point of view. By describing and repeating these points of view over and over, they seem real based on cause and effect.

By keeping the focus on oneself and resting as awareness for short moments repeated many times, when we remember to do so, one experiences a gentleness and compassion by simply allowing everything to be as it is. We enjoy the innate well-being within our own experience.

The instinctive recognition of one's true identity is recognizing that who you are is not an accumulation of points of view, and that all points of view are empty and have no basis or support. The instinctive recognition of everything as the natural presence of the basic state is not only a recognition for oneself, but for everyone and everything else as well.

Rest until there is no one resting. Rest without the expectation of something happening.

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