Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Favorite quote

This is a favorite paragraph of mine from one of the transcribed talks from the founder of Great Freedom, Candice O'denver:

"Let's say you were trying to find an elephant. If so, the easiest approach is to follow the footsteps of the elephant. Elephants are enormous, so whenever they step they leave quite a footprint. Just as the footprint of the elephant is very obvious, in the same way the footprint of awareness in our sensory experience is very obvious. The footprint of awareness is found in one of two ways: rather than listening to all the labels and points of view about everything, listen over and over again to what is really true about each of us until it convictions on, or just rest as that awareness that is the basis of each label, until awareness becomes totally obvious and evident at all times, night and day."

This is a very profound key instruction.

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