Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wisdom of awareness

True relating comes in supporting oneself and others in the wisdom of awareness. Complete discernment, wise actions, wise speech, ultimate compassion is in each short moment of clarity --the stability of awareness. Wide open awareness is always free of any clinging to ideas, or belief systems, it ensures the ability to see what is the perfect thing to say or do, or not do, in each moment. Freedom in immediate perception is the great relief, no matter what is arising. We can only test this out in our own direct experience, by taking a short moment of awareness and repeating it many times. This immediate relief is much easier and gentler than focusing and proliferating the endless stories that seem to cause the perpetual ups and downs of life. Give yourself the human birth right of complete love, not dependent on anything whatsoever. Short moments of awareness, repeated many times, until it becomes automatic.

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