Monday, October 19, 2009

Warm sunlight

Following after point of view is first painful for oneself and then it is painful for others who are interacting with you in your immediate surroundings. By repeatedly focusing in on thoughts, emotions, and experiences, it is by habit that these points of view have been taken to be so real. They have been taken to have a power in and of themselves to guide our actions. With a short moment of total relaxed ease, wide open awareness is your experience whether you are recognizing it or not. Complete gentleness, natural presence, inherent kindness and compassion is the unchanging basic state which is always relaxed, always carefree, always wide open and free of any point of view. Just like the warmth of sunlight filling the sky, awareness outshines and evaporates all clouds no matter how stormy. Perceptual openness takes place when point of view automatically dissipates in the sky of their true nature. This is wisdom in action.

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