Thursday, October 8, 2009

Open and committed

When we buy into the belief in point of view, there is an instant closing and collapsing that occurs with this belief. By relying on a short moment of awareness in the face of all of our life circumstances, there is freedom in immediate perception. Forever free awareness, has never been entangled by points of view. Clear knowing of what is going on in any given circumstance is evident in each short moment of clarity. Relying on a short moment of clarity ensures complete stability and well-being no matter what is going on. It is important to know, that with the reliance on a short moment of awareness, repeated many times, the soothing energy of awareness becomes automatic without having to think about it. This is guaranteed, because it is already accomplished. We are simply acknowledging what is already so. Remaining open, and allowing all points of view to be as they are is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others.

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