Friday, October 30, 2009

Giving Credit Away

The expression of gratitude and acknowledgment for people working together in a team or any other environment is the natural movement of awareness. When we are not defending a personal identity, there is no focus on self or other. No longer is there a power struggle or taking a stand in who gets credit for what. All credit is given away in the expression of gratitude and acknowledgment for others and their contributions.

With the recognition of who we are as the natural, basic state of awareness, everyone and everything is equally important. There is no longer a division between anyone or anything. With the wide open view of awareness, you see what is needed in any given circumstance and what will be the perfect thing to say or do. A natural coming together with complete gratitude and appreciation is the soft, gentle and innate kindness that is recognized in each person when it is acknowledged. In each short moment of relaxed awareness, accessibility to supreme wisdom is available now.

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