Friday, October 2, 2009

Complete love

The trickle-down effect of point of view impacts oneself first, and then everyone else around you. When you take point to view to have a power that can guide your actions, the consequences can be detrimental. It is only by repeating these learned behaviors over time, that the collapsing of point of view can happen so fast, you lose sight as to what is most beneficial to yourself and to others in any given moment.

By taking a short moment of clarity, there is freedom in immediate perception. By repeating short moments of clarity, it is guaranteed that you will gain familiarity with your true identity, the basic state of awareness. The basic state of awareness, has never been fooled by point of view. It has never been blindsided by any of its appearances. It remains completely stable no matter what is arising. There is no difference between what is arising and this stability. You can only decisively experienced this for yourself in each short moment of clarity. Without labeling, describing, or assuming, allow everything to be as it is – wisdom for the benefit of all is instantaneously acknowledged.

Responsiveness as total complete love, compassion, and kindness, is completely beneficial and not contrived and IS the natural movement of the basic state of awareness.

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