Sunday, September 20, 2009

We are not our points of view

You might think what I'm writing is a point of view, and you're right! However, in order to have points of view, we must be aware. Every single human being is aware. There is not anyone, anywhere who can say that they are not aware. By simply testing out the simple instruction of relaxing, or resting, for short moments throughout our day, we gain familiarity with an inherent stability that is within each and every one of us, the Basic State of Awareness.

This stability has always been with us since we were born and has never changed throughout our lifetime. This stability, this is what to rely on! The stability of the Basic State of Awareness, self knowing awareness, is our true identity. This Awareness is not an individual Awareness, but one Awareness that is inclusive of all human beings throughout the world.

We are not our points of view, based on an accumulation of thoughts, emotions, and life experiences. With one instant of resting as Awareness, we tap into our inherent wisdom and respond from that wisdom with a clear vantage, clear speech, and the total clarity of who we truly are. We respond from the stability of Awareness, and recognize that all points of view are included and contained within the all-encompassing view of the Basic State of Awareness. Nothing is left out and there is no split. We recognize that no point of view exists independent of Awareness, that there only is Awareness and its self arising display of points of view, or dynamic energy.

When we rest, it feels so good, it feels completely relieving. As we gain confidence in the complete stability of Awareness as our true nature, simultaneously we have a movement to be of service to others without question or contrivance.

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