Monday, September 28, 2009

True well-being

It is so wonderful to allow oneself the gift to simply relax. No one else is going to do that for us. In my own life, there used to be a tendency to get caught up in worrying about every little detail of how things should turn out, or should be, or what was going to happen next. By focusing in on these stories, the snowball effect of the story grew and grew. This focus created sheer stress, worry and concern that seemed of great importance and caused perpetual ups and downs of happiness and unhappiness in my life.

What a change it is not to get caught up in the stories any longer. By taking a short moment of clarity and repeating it many times, confidence and reliance on the stability of clarity is forefront. By allowing the natural rest of clarity, there is innate wisdom and complete relief in no longer being pulled in any direction by the stories and different points of view. We never know what we will face in life. To be able to rely on our innate stability no matter what is "coming down," benefits us first and then benefits everyone around us. This is true well-being.

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