Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Responding rather than reacting

Many times in my own direct experience of life I would react in different circumstances either quietly and internally or outwardly in a manner that did not serve anyone, including myself. There was always wanting to make the circumstance better or to hide from different circumstances that I did not prefer.

In taking short moments of clarity many times throughout the day, a gaining of familiarity with the natural presence of awareness grew and grew. With the pointing out that this was actually the nature of who I am and who everyone else was, there was a profound recognition that all of the ideas, thoughts, emotions (points of view), that everyone experiences, were completely insubstantial, empty and not solid or real. From that moment on, a full wellness of total love, ease, calm, and an immense movement to help others was present. No longer was their reactivity based on points of view, but a natural responsiveness in circumstances, and a clear seeing of exactly knowing what to do and how to act.

Getting used to living in this way has been incredible. To rely on the stability of awareness, rather than the flow of different thoughts, feelings and emotions, brings about a wisdom that is completely inherent to all of us. The brilliance of awareness continues to exude marvelous stability that repeatedly outshines all points of view without having to do anything. I am finally comfortable in my own skin.

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