Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Open and allowing

The collapsing of point of view can happen so fast that we do not realize that we are placing immediate limitations on our full capacities and the full capacities of others. This only occurs because of repeating these belief systems, concepts, and ideas over and over throughout our entire lives.

By being completely open and allowing all points of view to be as they are, there is a wide open view that has never been constrained or limited by any idea or thought. By taking a short moment of clarity and repeating it many times, we immediately open up to all possibilities and tap into the limitless capacity to achieve anything we want to do in life.


Whatever we choose to repeat is what we realize in each moment. If we choose to indulge negativity, pessimism, stress, anxiety, aggression, pain, joy, happiness, silliness, bliss, nihilism, emptiness, indifference, etc. –this is what is true for us. However, if we make a commitment to a short moment of clarity throughout our day, we will find that our stability and well-being is apparent regardless of whether we are experiencing any of these points of view. Gaining confidence in this inherent stability within each of us is crucial. Instinctively recognizing the well-being that has never changed no matter what is going on in our lives is key to immediate relief for ourselves and immediately impacts those around us in a beneficial way. We begin to respond from this well-being and openness rather than responding or reacting from the points of view.

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